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FEE Fitness Classes

Kettlebell Classes

The FEE Fitness On-Demand library includes Jump Rope, Booty, Core, Kettlebell Classes, and more.

In-Person, Live Classes, and Pop-Up Events tend to focus on the three main areas below.

FEE Kettlebell Class

The Rundown:

Our Signature FEE Class is typically a 45-60 minute class that can alternate between a strength-focus or endurance-focus and always includes a booty-band circuit.

Each workout includes mobility, warm-up, and cool down/stretch.

The Rundown:

Our FEE Signature Strength class utilizes kettlebells to build strength. We aim to push to go heavy in this 30-45 class, alternating between the upper and lower body.

Each workout includes mobility, warm-up, a core focus, booty focus, and cool down/stretch.

FEE Signature Strength

Full Body

The Rundown:

Our Full Body Endurance is a total body burner that will get your heart rate up fast and keep it there.

This 45-60 minute kettlebell class includes mobility, warm-up, a core finisher, and a cool down/stretch.

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First Kettlebell Class? Here's What to Expect:

  1. Where low-profile shoes or go barefoot

  2. You'll need a mat and a bottle of water

  3. Form is everything and practice makes progress

  4. Long hair folks - braids are your BFF here

  5. Tag us on IG @_FaithEllis for a special #Shoutout

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