Christmas Gift Ideas for Bookworms

It's almost that time again - Christmas! I know it's been a crazy year, many of us decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and for longer too. Personally, I had my tree up the day after Halloween ya'll - I was ready. Even with COVID we aren't doing any huge celebrating this year, but I love the vibe of Christmastime. It feels more beautiful, purer, and simply cozy.

Speaking of cozy, the first Christmas gift ideas for bookworms is:

Cozy Blanket

There is no better feeling than wrapping up during these chilly months, with a good book, and a soft cozy fleece blanket. I have so many blankets in my house (I refuse to turn on my heat) but my absolute favorite blanket is my electric fleece blanket. Plus, they are not that expensive, $30 tops! That's a great gift to give to any family member, but especially us bookworms.

Tea or Coffee

Another fun Christmas idea for your bookworm friends is a nice blend of tea or fresh, fragrant coffee. Heck, it's Christmas - get 'em some hot cocoa! Anything hot to sip on while they flip through the crisp pages of a hardback thriller. Something's going to need to warm those chilly bumps as they anxiously await to read what happens next.

Bath Salts

Bath salts, bubble bath, oils -ahhhh. What a nice way to lay back and relax. Hang on, let me grab my book before I get in so I don't have to reach over the tub later and dampen my poor pages. This is also such a nice way to relax, again it's truly a great gift for anyone.

Soft Socks

Why do bookworms enjoy so much coziness? Honestly, it's part of the experience. It allows us to submerse our entire beings into the story at hand. We do love to transport out of our reality for moments at a time and experience what an alter-universe has to offer. Might as well be relaxed for such an intense journey! Look at these little bookworm socks - how cute.

Books -Duh!

What a great Christmas gift idea for book lovers - BOOKS! Let's be honest, you really can never have too many. Even when you do, you simply donate, sell, or give those away and get more. It seriously never ends. The truth is, it can be expensive. A new hardback typically costs $20 or more. is a great website for discounted prizes and there are even gift cards available!

Kindle Subscription

And if your bookworm in your life is more techy, there is always the Kindle subscription you can purchase for them. Or you could buy eBooks for them to use. No matter, whatever cozy Christmas gift ideas you come up with for your bookworm they are sure to love.

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