First Time Author - The Truth and an Update on My Debut - Wildest Dreams

Hey Ya'll!

I know it's been a while since we've had a chat, life's been so busy. Did you know I graduated with my communications degree and am working on my graduate degree? Of course, let's not forget about my debut book that's happening, the ever-enchanting young adult fantasy Wildest Dreams. The first book in a duology. Although, we may be changing it over to "new age adult" instead of "young adult" because there is one pretty graphic scene. Poor dears...I've put my characters through so much.

As a first time author, I have to tell you, the process has been crazy. It's been a lot of learning as I go. I found an incredible illustrator (as you can see) and a solid editor who is helping me to grow as an artist and storyteller.

What's been the hardest part?

Honestly - faith.

Keeping the belief in myself that not only can I do this, but I can be successful in it. It may not be successful the first time (writers grow with each book) it's an art that requires constant perfecting. But if I give up, I fail and don't try at all. Versus putting myself out there, failing, and trying again.

The biggest question you probably have right now is where are I am with Wildest Dreams. I'll tell you: It's close. But I want it to be perfect. My editor wants it to be perfect. And I want it to be represented by the best, by someone who believes in it as much as I do. So, it is still in editing and then, once I find our special someone to rep and publish, I'll share that with you. So follow my on social media @faithellisauthor and visit my website to subscribe to my mailing list!

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