Healthy Meal Prepping Guide and Tips

Hello my fellow beauties. I have a very long, exciting, and generous article for the women's fitness blog if I do say so myself. Today's article is all about healthy meal prepping with a full guide and tips to help you get started. I know how it can be, running around Greensboro NC trying to cook a healthy meal for yourself and your family. It's hard enough getting your workout in to reach your goals much less eat a well-rounded, delicious, and nutritious meal. That is why I'm here to help you though!

Healthy Meal Prepping Guide and Tips

Getting right into it, I love healthy meal prepping and have been doing it throughout my fitness journey. I'd give you the run down of my schedule, but things might work differently for you. For the sake of an example though, here's how my meal prepping goes:

  • Shop on Friday afternoon

  • Cook my protein on Saturday morning

  • Cook and assemble meals on Sunday morning

  • Enjoy Monday-Friday

I usually only eat my meal prepped meals Monday-Friday. Hubby and I like to enjoy pizza one night a week and I like to cook a nice big fresh meal on Saturday to enjoy after my workout. I encourage you to meal prep for the entire week though, especially if you are trying to lose weight. We rarely eat out and when we do it's pizza or I am choosing something to meet my goals and watching my nutrition.

Meal Prepping: What is it?

Simply put, meal prepping is pre-assembled and pre-cooked meals. These are made in advance to be enjoyed throughout the week. The main goals with meal prepping are to eat better, more nutritious meals and pre-portioned meals. Meal prepping helps people who are constantly on-the-go. By spending (for most) one day in the kitchen for a few hours, you can enjoy homemade meals throughout the week and save money.

What do I need for successful meal prep?

Healthy meal prepping doesn't require a lot of fancy, expensive equipment. But you will need a few basic kitchen essentials such as:

I also suggest:

And of course - food! You will find other things you need as you go, but this list is an excellent start.

How can I make meal prepping easier?

Meal prepping takes time the day of, but is worth it overtime and throug