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How to Get Inspired

A tough part of being an author is how to get inspired and how to stay inspired. The truth is - you can't be 100% inspired 100% of the time. But you probably will want to be inspired during your time of writing in order to put your best writing out there, right? So how do you get there?


Probably somewhat obvious, but the number one thing I do to get inspired is to read one book by one of my favorite authors. Even if that means picking up something I have already read before! My favorite authors are who initially inspired me to write therefore, I know they can inspire me to put my best story out there.

Change your Location

If you are constantly writing in the space and still not feeling those inspirational juices flowing, change where you're writing. I usually have a very specific space dedicated to my writing - my office here at home. It's quiet, clean, bright, and decorative. But sometimes I have to move, or sometimes I just need to get away. If you have a laptop, perfect. Take it to a loud coffee shop or a quiet park. Go to the mountains for a day and just be one with you and your writing. If your writing is as big of a part of your life as it is of mine, you'll figure out what you have to do to make it work.

Put on Some Tunes

Music was practically made to inspire. Psychology has already proven time and time again that different genres evoke different emotions. I encourage you to get a Spotify account, experiment with different genres, close your eyes, and delve into your feelings. Let yourself go and see what you come up with, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Talk to Someone

You never know who might inspire you. It can be a close friend or some one totally new. Strike up a conversation, ask thought-provoking questions to get to know them on a deeper level, or play a game that relates to storytelling - you may be surprised how they get your inspirational juices flowing.

Overall, don't put too much pressure on yourself or you will subconsciously block yourself. Be patient, take a deep breath, and step away for a second -it's okay. Writing is a journey and exploration of who you are and who your characters are, it's not a race. If you rush yourself, it won't turn out as good as it should be.

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