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Slow Down - Writing Stress-Free and Living Life in the Moment

Hello Beautiful People! It's been a while. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind, aside from the pandemic. I have learned something though: to slow down and start living life in the moment! This is so hard for me. But why?

A Little Background

I come from an extremely broken family. My parents abandoned me when I was 17, they never thought I was good enough or would amount to anything. All my life I've been striving to prove them wrong and working to get better and better and more successful. Unfortunately for me, that means never stopping, and often times it means grinding myself into the ground, taking on far too much and it starts to wear on my mental and emotional health and, recently I learned, my relationships. I didn't know the people around me felt pushed away. That I had taken on so much, I kept saying "no" to them and before I knew it our relationships have worn thin. It hurts that I allowed them to get this way. It hurts that I allowed my unworthy parents to make me feel as though I'm not good enough because I am. And guys, I am successful. I am in an incredibly successful career and growing, I am an author (nearly published), and a grad student. But I was also tutoring and blogging and looking for other side things to take on. I was rushing to get my book out there and I need to slow the F down!

Live in the Moment

What happens now? Now that I'm aware of how these relationships have been strained, I can focus on how to repair them and how to repair myself, because this constant grind is unhealthy. I cannot continue to do this to myself or those who do love me. For my writing, I need to be aware that there is no need to rush. I want to be a great author and I want to give my audience books - but if I'm good enough, you guys will be patient. I want to enjoy the people surrounding me and nurture these relationships. If I continue to let those people who tried to break me influence my relationships now, I will lose everything and I will lose myself. You have to realize the things and the people who are worth it. Unfortunately, I was given parents who just are not worth it. #NoHardFeelings

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